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Useful Info & FAQ

General FAQ

Smooth Division is a mobile hair salon specialized in hair color, hair smoothing treatments, and hair extensions. We come to you. 

Smooth Division was founded in   Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2019 by Ruxandra Vasilescu. Read about her on the About Me Page.

We are currently focusing on Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn, as well as Downtown Brooklyn and its vicinities.

However, as we expand our team, we are also planning to visit Manhattan neighborhoods such as Financial District, Tribeca, Chinatown, Lower East Side, Soho, East & Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Gramercy, UES and UWS.

For busy professionals who don’t care to be in a salon for too long. For people who prefer to have long services done in the comfort and privacy of their home.

We just need a surface for our tools, an outlet nearby, a chair for you, and a sink/shower head with a hose attachment.

It would be great if you have a few old towels around.  We bring everything else.

For all the hair smoothing treatments, your hair needs to be washed twice with a clarifying shampoo. We are particular about the steps and we would prefer to do it ourselves. If you have a sink with a hose attachment, then it will be perfect. 

You don’t need to wash your hair, but your hair needs to be reasonably clean, not greasy. It’s okay if you haven’t washed your hair in two or three days.

Hair Smoothing FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Cezanne softens and lengthens curls, reduces frizz and delivers smoother, stronger, healthier, and more manageable hair. It also repairs hair damaged by bleaching overprocessing and restores hair from hormone changes or chemotherapy.

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No. Cezanne does not make your hair bone-straight. If your hair is curly, it will become wavy.  Hair will still hold curl and have body, but locks soften, become more supple, more elongated, and more defined. Cezanne makes hair silkier, and thus, it will look significantly shinier. 


Cezanne is suitable for all hair types with problematic texture issues: frizzy, porous, uneven textures, coarse hair that is difficult to style, damaged hair by excessive blonding and chemotherapy.

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Yes.  You get very similar results to their previous formaldehyde treatments without health risks. In some cases, frizz and curl reduction will be less than the results achieved by the formaldehyde-based systems.

You can color your hair on the same day; Your hair will still hold a curl if you want. You can wash your hair, use pins, or put hair up in a ponytail immediately after the treatment.

The Classic Treatment will last 3-5 months on average. The amount of time ranges based on client hair type, texture, and maintenance.

The Express treatment will last up to six weeks. The amount of time ranges based on client hair type, texture, and maintenance.

The Classic Treatment will last 3-5 months on average. The amount of time ranges based on client hair type, texture, and maintenance.

Yes. It will decrease frizz and produce smoother and more controllable hair like The Classic Treatment, but it will not last as long.

Cezanne Ultimate Blonde contains a blue-violet pigment built into it to reduce unwanted warm tones for the ultimate silky, shiny, dazzling blonde. The perfect choice for grey hair to reduce yellow tones caused by environmental stresses.  It delivers the same results as the Cezanne Classic with the same longevity. 

No. While Cezanne doesn’t make your hair flat, the smoothing process by default, flattens raised cuticles and reduces bulk. Not suitable for anyone seeking to add extra volume.

All keratin smoothing treatments can possibly lift artificial hair color because of the heat involved with the process.  If you have bright fashion colors on your hair like pink, blue, green, or yellow Cezanne will most likely change your tone. We recommend you color your hair after the treatment.

We recommend doing your color after the treatment, especially if you have gray hair.

Highlights & Color FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Color applied to the new regrowth at the root area or all-over.  We use ONLY the highest quality, ammonia-free, oil-based hair dye. If you are allergic to PPD, ask us about other options.

A hair gloss is a no lift, demi or semi-permanent hair dye that acts as a top coat to enhance, enrich, change, match, tone down or intensify natural or color-treated hair. Because it doesn’t create a line of demarcation, it is a low-maintenance process. A gloss is versatile because it can be manipulated from entirely transparent to fully pigmented.

This is a combination of base color and highlights applied in one step. We add color at the roots and melt 20 highlights into them, in all the right places.   Time-saver. Trendy choice.

Highlighting hair means applying a lightener or hair color to select hair strands to make them lighter than the base color. Highlights contour and add definition to hair by contrasting with the rest of the hair.

Balayage is a highlighting technique also known as hair painting. Highlights are freehand painted in a sweeping motion onto the surface of the desired hair strand or section. Balayage contours hair and produces dimension with a natural, soft look. As hair grows out, it blends right in with no line of demarcation.  One can easily extend times between appointments at 12-16 weeks.

The technique is the same. We created this service based on our experience behind-the-chair.   It appeals to women who want to see more blonde, more blend, less contrast, yet they still desire natural-looking highlights.  We take smaller sections, depending on how blonde you want to be; thus, we add more highlights.  The line of demarcation is still soft, but the level of maintenance is higher.  Stick to the rule of thumb: two shades lighter than your natural level for best results. We love dramatic blondes, but the best ones are those who have a natural hair shade that falls in the dirty-blonde to the mousy-brown range. 

Yes. Balayage is ideal for ALL and suitable for all hair types and shades. Results can be dramatic or subtle, yet the highlights look very natural. For most natural results, we recommend highlights up to two levels lighter than your natural shade.

Yes, if you don’t expect your highlights to be very blonde. Color is not designed for balayage and might cause brassiness. Thus, for the best results and highest respect for the hair fiber, we choose high-performing highlighting agents from EUGENE PERMA Professionnel.

Through error and trial, we learned that the best way to create dimension is with simplicity.  Low-maintenance and effective, balayage adds a range of tones in all the right places.

For highlighting purposes, we prefer using specialized highlighting agents designed solely to highlight. They are safer and provide better results.  However, depending on our goals, we might add a second color. It is usually a demi-permanent hair dye meant to add contrast and dimension, add a specific tone to a hair strand, or correct an unwanted hue.

We can add highlights within reason. Highlights are not meant to cover your roots into one opaque color. If there is too much contrast between the regrowth and highlights at the line of demarcation and your roots look too dark, you went overboard, and your hair is most likely over-processed.

Lowlights are ribbons of color that are darker, and/or have a distinct hue. We recommend lowlights to women who feel their hair is too light, or too monochrome and want to add contrast. It is also an excellent way to try a particular shade of blonde, without committing fully to it.

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