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Hi there. My name is Ruxandra Vasilescu.

You can call me Andra, if you wish.

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I am a licensed hairdresser with twenty years of experience in the beauty industry. I mostly focus on hair coloring services, hair smoothing treatments, and balayage. No matter what the trend of the moment is, one thing is sure: your hair is my medium.

When I don’t disperse hair confidence, I help business owners establish their presence in the digital space, flip stranded horseshoe crabs from Long Island beaches, and rescue birds from all sorts of trouble.

On Balayage: Less is more

In 2008, I decided to specialize in hair coloring and balayage, also known as hair painting.

 I found that painting hair replicates natural highlights more accurately than a traditional highlighting/foiling application. Balayage grows out beautifully, allows longer time between appointments, looks better, and once clients are introduced to it, 99% will stick to it.  I am all for low-maintenance/high-impact highlights.

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On Cezanne: A Holy Grail

Blonde woman from behind showcasing hair before and after cezanne keratin treatment

Frizzy, weak hair that breaks off as soon at it reaches shoulder length is a common issue.  Thus, hair smoothing is essential at repairing and strengthening. After testing several keratin treatments on myself and others, in 2014, I discovered Cezanne keratin treatment. As a curly hair girl with complex texture issues, Cezanne was a godsend solution.

A smoothing treatment, rather than a straightening system, it addresses all my hair problems without making it too limp or too straight.

In case you are wondering how to pronounce my name...

If you are curious about clients feedback, you can find tons of reviews about me googling Roy Teeluck and Lance Lappin Salon reviews.

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